11 Signs You BORN to be a Part of the Vista Kids Craft Team                                        

1) You skipped Kindergarten because your scissor skills were on point

2) You like the smell of freshly printed paper

3) You can make homemade glue in less than 10 minutes with the ingredients in your pantry

4) You believe duct tape is the answer to any defect or broken toy

5) You need 5 sheets of tissue paper for a friend’s birthday gift but you buy 50…just in case

6) Cutting out 1000 paper Jesus’ for a craft doesn’t make you cry.  Even when you see a kid throw it away as they walk out the door

7) You know 78 different uses for an empty milk jug

8) You own a Label Maker

9) Your favorite Disney character is Rapunzel because you also love repaint your wall day after day after day…

10) You love helping kids feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment through crafting

11) You have Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm free!


If pinterist is your happy place, you watch every home hack video in your Facebook feed, and you love cutting, taping, painting, crafting, and creating (but mostly cutting) we need you!

We know that there are lots of people who want to serve and get connected at Vista, but Sunday mornings aren’t ideal for your schedule. If you are free on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm, this team will be perfect for you! Find out more and join the Vista Kids’ Craft Team by emailing kelsey@thevista.tv! We would love to have you!