About Our Interns: Tommy


We heard from Danica.  Now here’s a little about Tommy.

What do you love most about kids?

“We are usually at the same maturity level, so our senses of humor usually match”.

What do you do in the Vista Kids ministry?

“I work with Kinder Kidmo and as a children’s ministry intern.”

When did you commit your life to Christ?

“When I was 7 or 8, but I think I am still learning what it means to truly be a follower of Christ.”

What do you think is the toughest thing facing kids today?

“Killer bees/parents who don’t do enough actual parenting.”

What is your favorite thing to do on your days off?

“Catch up on my TV shows, hang out with friends”.

What is your favorite animal?

“A blue whale because it’s the biggest animal in the world!!!”


I would like to now include a picture of a blue whale that Tommy drew on his interview sheet.

I can’t decide if he just got really excited about whales and couldn’t help drawing a picture


if he wasn’t sure if I knew what a blue whale was.

Either way.  Here you go.

Thank you Tommy.photo-3