Breathe Retreat – Two Sides to Every Story

The Breathe Women’s Retreat is less than a month away. Jay and Krystal Brubaker have shared their story below about their experience last year. To learn more about our women’s ministry and the retreat, visit

Guys, last year my family and I were still fairly new to the area and to the Vista. My wife, Krystal, was struggling to open up to other women and make new friends. When I learned of the retreat last year, I started to encourage her and lovingly “push” her out the door to the retreat. I even drove her to the camp countering each excuse with a word of encouragement.

When we arrived our 2 kids were a little upset about leaving their mommy somewhere and to avoid a last minute attempt by my wife to not attend, I basically pealed out of the camp as soon as she was out of the car. Apparently this was seen by some other women attending, and they got a little bit of a laugh. In the end, both Krystal and I agree that the results were worth the effort. During the retreat she was able to make some new friends and begin to settle into our new community at the Vista.

So, men, please take the lead if necessary and encourage your wives to attend this year’s retreat. I promise it will be a great experience for them. If you have kids, you CAN survive two nights alone and possibly even deepen your own relationship with them.

 – Jay Brubaker

Hey Ladies! Some of you know me, some of you don’t. My name is Krystal Brubaker, and last year, I was the “new kid”. My family and I moved here from Missouri the year before and I was, to say the least, less than thrilled about the whole thing. So when my husband, Jay, found out about the women’s retreat, he started encouraging me to go. Which did NOT go over well.

I had absolutely NO desire to go to a place I’d never been to with a bunch of ladies I didn’t know. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to plaster on my “perfect Psalms 31 woman” smile when I was furious with God and probably hear something from the Father that would convict me and point out the obvious. To be honest, I was acting a bit like when my kids were little and didn’t get their way (totally explains the kicking and screaming thing).

Did that stop my husband? NO, IT DID NOT! When the day came, being the (pushy *cough*) sweetheart that he is, Jay packed the kids and I up and drove us to Camp Buckner, the retreat location, himself. All the while, I was trying to come up with an excuse to get him to turn the car around and, horribly, sometimes hysterically, failing (OH NO! I might actually have to talk to someone! THE HORROR!!!)

When we arrived, I barely had time to tell the kids goodbye (who were crying and generally losing their minds in the backseat) before my darling husband PEELED out of the driveway. Not metaphorically, literally. The ladies from the Baptist church, who were watching the whole thing, thought it was hilarious.

So there I was, no ride, no excuses, just left there in a cloud of dust thanks to my better half…..AND IT WAS OKAY. Better than okay, I had a blast, and it was totally what I needed. I got to know some ladies, relax, and even though I was upset with God, He still spoke love and grace over me. I heard Him because He’s just that awesome! Of course, I’m going back this year!

I am not a lot of things, eloquent being one, but I hope this encourages you. Even if you are nervous, doubtful, or fearful like I was; God has a wonderful blessing in store for you if you will just come.

– Krystal Brubaker