Chips & Salsa Background Check

Once this is completed, we will setup your Trello account. See the video below for details.

 Get Started Now

As a ‘driver’, here’s what you need to know to use Trello:

  • We will use Trello to provide you with the info for this week’s first time guests by 5pm on monday.
  • If you are willing to make a delivery, simply “claim a card” by adding yourself to that card.
  • The address and google map link are available inside of the Card. 
  • You can pickup a supply of chips and salsa at the Vista office Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm or on Sunday.
  • We ask that you make the deliveries by Saturday of that week.
  • After delivery you can follow up via Trello in the card comments, or by emailing to let us know how it went!

Here's a few tips on how a delivery should work.

Delivery Details


Thanks for taking the time to let people in our area know that they are loved, welcomed, and wanted in your simple act of delivering them a bag of chips and salsa!  The goal of the delivery is not at all to sell them on Vista, get them to come back, or answer tons of questions.  The goal is to simply say, “Thank you” and let them know that we are there for them if they need anything.


  • Before you walk up to the door
    • If you ever don’t feel comfortable with the area of town or the person listed DON’T MAKE THE DELIVERY.  We can have a staff take it by later.
    • Take a second to look at the follow up sheet stapled to the map.  Get an idea of who you are going to meet, and see if there are any relevant notes listed for you.
  • If the person is home
    • “Hey! My name is ________ and I’m with the Vista Community Church.  We just wanted to say thanks for being our guest on Sunday so here’s a bag of chips and salsa!  Have a great week, and we’ll hope you can join us again next Sunday!
    • If they happen to have questions that you aren’t sure you can answer them…let them know that the website will have the most information they need (, or that they can have someone from the office contact them.
  • If the person is not home
    • Call one of the people on the contact sheet and let them know…”my name is ________ and I’m with the Vista Community Church.  I just wanted to let you know that we are grateful you were able to join us on a Sunday and that we dropped a little gift for you at your front door when you get home.  Have a great week!”

After Delivery

  • If you have any notes that you would like to pass on to the Vista you can simply comment on the Trello card(ie: married to Suzy who isn’t listed on profile; wants to work with Vista Kids, wrong address, etc.).
  • After all deliveries, let us know how it went via the Comment Section of their Trello card.