COMgroups are small groups of people learning to follow Jesus together.
We do that by meeting together in a hospitable space where strangers can become friends and where we can pay attention to God together.

COMgroups study, discuss, pray, eat, and serve. They’re beautiful and they’re messy, just like life. They won’t fix all your problems, but they will provide you with a community that will push you towards deeper levels of faith, love, and discipleship. We follow Jesus better when we’re together. That’s why we do COMgroups. Come join us!

Find Your Group

Call or email group leaders to find the group that's a fit for you.


What happens at COMgroup?

When it comes down to nuts and bolts, a typical COMgroup consists of eating together, hanging out and getting to know one another, study (of the Bible or some other curriculum), discussion, prayer, and mission. All groups are a little different, but they all consist of these primary elements. Basically, it’s normal people interacting, studying, praying, serving, and talking.

How do I join a COMgroup?

All our COMgroups are always open and inviting to new people. You can join any time. For more information on our current COMgroups, feel free to pick up a COMgroup sheet at the Welcome Desk on Sundays or browse groups online.

We encourage you to call or email a group before stopping by. Some of our groups rotate to different addresses and take weeks off. We’d be bummed if you dropped by a group and no one was there.