“Doing Church” While in College

There are a ton of things that you can be involved in while in college. Although, doing life in and with a church is the most important. As a college student this is the perfect time to learn how to “do church.” Allow me to explain a bit.
“Doing church” is not only about going to a building (ours is a school gym), raising your hands to music (ours is pretty loud), and listening to a sermon. Those are all good things but there’s a bigger picture to be seen. Doing church is being there for a neighbor when times are tough, helping someone move into their new home, visiting a drug rehabilitation home to play horse shoes and eat hot dogs, and even helping set up for Sunday service long before it starts. It’s fun, it’s messy, it’s church.

We are excited about everything that has happened at the Vista the past 6 years, and even more thrilled about what is to come.

So, we invite you to “Do Church” with us.

This blog will be a place you can constantly go to for information on what is happening in our ever growing community. Let this be an outlet you use to stay connected and join in on the conversation.