February Benevolence Update

February gave us the opportunity to serve people both inside and outside of our church. We had several members in tough financial situations and turned humbly for help to their church family. It is our honor and delight to make sure that there is no unmet need among us. May we always consider the needs of our brothers and sister as more urgent than even our own.

With that, we were able to help a homeless man named Wes and his wife get to their friends in Louisiana. Due to car trouble, they were stranded in the Belton Wal-Mart. They were approached by a passerby looking to help anyway they could. Upon realizing the expense was out of their realm of help, the lady told Wes, “You know, I have some friends that go to Vista; while I haven’t been there, I know they will help you…they help everybody”. This story moved me. Our church isn’t perfect. We are flawed. But we care about the poor, the hurting, and the cast aside. I was thankful that because of the generosity of our people, we were indeed able to help Wes fix his car, and get to Louisiana.

Lastly we got to pay several additional electric bills and several rents for those in our city. I am thankful for a church that serves the city.