March 2015: Loving Like Jesus and Practicing Patience

Can you believe that it is already March?! It seems like just yesterday we were blasting off fireworks to ring in the new year and now we are only a few short days away from spring break! This is a time of year where our lives and time start to fill up FAST. New sport seasons, academic testing, family vacations, weddings, and the list goes on! Not to mention that Easter is just around the corner! We quickly get distracted with everything pulling our attention in different directions and lose our focus of Jesus. That is why this month we are going to focus on two simple (not easy) concepts in Vista Kids.

Preschool: Loving Like Jesus

In preschool, the bottom line for the month is I can love like Jesus. That is a hard one, especially for our preschoolers (actually all of us), to grasp. We are going to be talking about generosity, sharing, helping, and asking kids in every situation, How can I love? Even when it’s hard, and even when I don’t want to, how can I love like Jesus did? That’s a question that I need ask myself daily. What can I do each day to show those around me the love of Jesus? The memory verse for our preschoolers this month is John 13:34, “Love one another.” Here are the stories that we will be teaching Preschool in the month of March:

Elementary: Practicing Patience

For our Elementary kids, all month long we are going to be talking about patience, waiting until later for what I want now. And what better way to teach about patience than to take our kids on a REALLY LONG road trip! Well, not literally, but that’s the idea. Our theme this month is “Are We There Yet?” (which I’m sure your precious angels have never said from the backseat!)

I’m glad that I have this whole patience thing down! Oh wait…

Nope. Patience is something that God is still teaching me, too. This concept is something that most people struggle with all the way through adulthood. We live in a world of instant gratification. If I want it, I deserve to have it, and I deserve it now. We want to teach our kids early to be patient and trust in God’s timing for their life. The memory verse for elementary this month is “Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord!,” Psalm 27:14. Here are the stories that we are going to use to teach patience in March:

There is small glimpse of what is happening in Vista Kids this month. What ways are you going to do help your kids live out these truths during March? What can you do as a family to show love like Jesus? How can you model practicing patience for your kids? Look for moments in your everyday life to reinforce love and patience during March.