New Online Giving System

A few months ago we talked to you guys about the importance of putting God first when it came to your finances. Specifically that means becoming people who are known for great stewardship and generosity.  We truly believe that this shift in priorities is not because God wants something from you, but because He wants something FOR you.

Many of you stepped up and began to give to the Vista for the first time, and we received valuable feedback on what that experience was like for you. Some of you shared stories of how you saw God move in your life through your generosity. We watched as kids brought a tithe in coins to church after seeing and hearing their parents take steps. We also saw our church act Generously in sponsoring nearly 30 orphans in Nepal just 2 weeks ago.

Over the last few months we have also been challenged to re-evaluate the methods in which you are able to give to the Vista. While we have made available several different “ways to give”, we ultimately wanted to tie it back to 2 of our core values… Simple and Excellent. Our current online giving systems don’t necessarily reflect these values across the board. So, starting June 1st our online giving platform will be changing to Planning Center Giving.

We have already been using Planning Center  to coordinate our volunteers over the last 5 years, so it’s really nothing entirely new. Our current volunteers will recognize the friendly and simple interface. Starting today, whether you give online, by text, or on sunday….it’s all the same system.

So what does this mean for you? There are 3 possible next steps.  

If you give one time gifts online

You don’t have to do anything differently! Just be aware that the website may look a little different next time you go to give online.

If you have online giving with myVista scheduled with a recurring donation

You simply need to cancel that schedule, and set up a new schedule using planning center giving. See the video below on steps to change over.

If you give via text message

You just need to use our new phone number. Text any dollar amount to 84321. You WILL need to re-enter your card for your first gift.

Don’t worry, your 2017 contributions are fully documented and you will receive statements as usual. At the end of this year you will simply receive 2 tax statements (one for the first half of the year, and one for the 2nd).

We know it can be a minor inconvenience to make the switch, but we truly hope that this change will make giving generously simple and secure.

How to Change Your Online Recurring Giving