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ServLife seeks to build global community by creating multi-cultural teams among the most marginalized and oppressed regions of the world to rescue and care for at-risk children, end hunger, and train/multiply the indigenous church to advance the whole gospel to the whole person.

Believing that transformational life change is the essence of the gospel, ServLife seeks to impact all aspects of a community for Christ. When individuals are transformed, so is the community where they live. Transformation is core to the gospel. Jesus Christ demonstrated a passion for justice in the communities He touched. We have learned that practicing His compassion can make quantifiable results vague  and may even take an entire generation to realize measurable change. Nonetheless, ServLife is committed to fighting hunger and poverty as part of the transformation of people’s lives. What this means may look different from community to community, but we believe that life change should be holistic  including care for the spiritual, physical, social and economic areas of human life.

Knowing the importance of long-term perspective, ServLife works to enable and partner with local churches to impact the community where they exist. In many regions worldwide, the church is either marginalized or a rare exception in her community. This being, reserves are often depleted or lacking, and indigenous leaders can feel they have little with which to impact their communities.

We may collaborate in areas of education, economics and health care for the local community. Always, our aim is to point people to Jesus Christ and connect them with local Christ followers as they better learn of the reasons for our work. Therefore, we seek to practice community development in the context of the local church. This church-community connection can mean different dealings ranging from monetary to purely relationship. In some regions, a local indigenous church is in a present in a certain part of the community.

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