Setlist for 3/8/15

It was a rainy Sunday morning. It was also a “rainy” worship set. Sometimes you just go with the mood, more laid back, reflective songs. We introduced a new song, “Good, Good Father.” I became an uncle around 5 months ago. There is a unique and beautiful privilege in watching my brother love his son Wyatt. No one could love Wyatt more, want better for him, or be more protective. Yet, my brother knows this harsh reality—he will let Wyatt down. Human fathers always at some point let their children down in varying degrees. In fact, the metaphor of father could even turn some off to the thought of God as that. But, God as Father is different. God as Father is kind, compassionate, on time, forgiving, humble, generous, slow to anger, rich in love. I see fathers look through a sea of other kids and think, “Mine is the most beautiful.” God looks through billions of stars, galaxies, planets, and oceans, and looks at his children and thinks, “Mine are the most beautiful.” God is a good father, and we are loved as children.


Heaven Fall Down – Phil Wickham – Led by Joel Cavasos

Good, Good, Father – Housefires – Led by Adam Fischer

Forever – Kari Jobe – Led by Cara Duong

All I Am – Phil Wickham – Led by Adam Fischer

Broken Vessels – Hillsong Live – Led by Cara Duong