Skeptics Still Welcome

Deep inside every believer, there is a skeptic, and deep inside every skeptic, there is a believer. We like to pretend we’re 100% certain, but in our truer moments we know we aren’t. Faith and doubt exist on a continuum, and we all have a little bit of both. Last year, we did a series called “Skeptics Welcome” because the Bible is very clear that skeptics are, in fact, welcome, and that the worst thing we could ever do with our doubts is stuff them down and pretend they do not exist. We got a huge response, so we’ve decided to revisit the series and will be starting up Skeptics Welcome 2.0 this Sunday, April 3rd.

We’ll talk about things like why people leave faith, the relationship between faith and science, why God doesn’t do more, and like last year, we’ll wrap it up with a Q&A on our last week, April 24th. So bring your skeptical friends, but also bring your inner skeptic. There’s no need to be afraid of him (or her). Jude 22 tells us to have mercy on those who doubt, and I suspect that’s because Jesus does. So bring your friends and your doubts and find some mercy.