Loved Having Old Friends Back to Play

Good day all. I started leading at Vista 3 years ago as a junior in college. Being a young guy, I was a little nervous. No, a lot nervous. Luckily, I had several guys that were brave enough to join me on stage. Since then, these two fellows have moved on to play with some really cool artist such as Robbie Seay, Brandon Heath, Dave Dunn, and Aaron Ivey… guys much cooler than me. This sunday however, they were back, just like old times. Having those who started with me in the beginning back on stage serving with me, made for a great sunday(Dave and Austin, love you guys).  Those two, along with others who have since joined the worship team did a fantastic job with the tunes this week.

Check down below to see and listen to this week’s setlist!

In Your City-Phil Wickham

God is Able-Hillsong


I Will Exalt-Bethel Live

All the Poor and Powerless– The Digital Age

All i Am-Phil Wickham