The Way Recap

It was a great weekend at The Way! Overall, we had 17 churches in the Central Texas area represented with around 700 total students and college and adult leaders at the sessions in the chapel on the UMHB campus. For Vista, we had 72 students, 6 host homes, and 17 college leaders. Darren Neely was our speaker and spoke on unity (with God, the church, and each other); and Aric Harding led worship.

God moved through this event and in the hearts of students. We had a couple of our students give their lives to Christ! It was an awesome weekend of fun, worship, and spiritual discussion. Here’s a recap of each day and session:


Friday night

Darren, our speaker, kicked off the weekend talking about how we become one with God through His pursuit of us and our response of surrender. He had a time of response where a number of students made decisions to follow Christ, recommit their lives to Christ, or get baptized!

Following the session, we had a brief intermission before bringing the students back in for some entertainment from illusionist, Zak Mirzadeh. More amazing than his illusions, was his testimony. He is a former Muslim converted Christian and the story of how he came to know Christ is pretty incredible. It would take an entire blog on its own so if you’d like to know more, ask your student!



On Saturday morning, Darren focused on John 17:11-12 and talked about Jesus’ prayer for unity among Christians and the church.

Following the session, we had lunch (sandwich boxes) and then broke for free time. The rain put a damper on free time, but students still found ways to have fun. Some went back to their host homes to relax and play games, while some came to the church to play games and try to master their bottle flipping skills. Literally, they were entertained for hours trying to flip a bottle with some water in it and land it. It gives hope that in a world where electronic entertainment is at their finger tips any time they want, they can still find joy and fun in the simple things.

For dinner, we had a grilled cheese food truck called May the Cheese Be With You. Yes, it is Star Wars themed and they make a goooood grilled cheese! There’s nothing like a grilled cheese on rainy day. It just hits the spot.

On Saturday night, Darren closed the final session focusing on John 17:14-18, 22-23 where Jesus talks about the unity of the church will be what convinces the world that Jesus really was sent by God.



We wrapped up the weekend with Shipley’s donuts (because they’re the best and we figured the students needed some sugar to stay awake in service) and worship together at the 8:30 service. It was an incredible weekend. Thanks for allowing your student to attend! Thanks to the host homes for opening up your home and showing our students hospitality and love! Thanks to the college leaders for giving up their weekend to invest in our students! Thanks to all who helped make The Way a great weekend!