Together we train pastors, start churches, rescue orphans, and empower families.

Our Partnership with Servlife


I love visiting Vista and feel so at home here. You see, I was the worship pastor at a church very similar to Vista for 8 years, and my leadership and engagement in worship brought me face-to-face with the intersection of worship and justice. If I am going to sing a song about right relationship with God on Sunday I need to be living a life of right relationship with humans on Monday. This altered my vocational path and and the missional focus of my life.


For a decade Vista Community Church has partnered with ServLife International, investing $123,467 in pastors, children and families on the other side of the world. Together, we have trained pastors, started churches, provided earthquake relief, rescued orphans, educated children, and empowered families through small business loans. 


My family sponsors three children through ServLife, and I first met Bhadra in west Nepal four years ago. She is the same age as my son, and was running around in a Spider-Man shirt organizing games with the other girls. I learned that when she was a toddler, Bhadra’s father passed away from jaundice. Two years later her mother was fetching food for their goats and her footing gave way and she fell down the side of a mountain and died. Bhadra’s grandmother struggled to take care of her and couldn’t afford to send her to school or even proper nutrition. So she brought Bhadra to the ServLife children’s home in west Nepal where she has been able to receive a solid education, proper nutrition, and love and care. She is now ten years old and a leader in the home with a contagious smile and unrelenting desire to play and include everyone. 


For $35/mo you can sponsor a child and change their life forever. You can provide and education that was not previously possible. You can provide nutrition and care and love and a future of hope for a child on the other side of the world. Please sponsor a child today:


Join ServLife to encourage children and teachers and staff in Nepal this November! The team will facilitate a VBS program for the kids in Kathmandu and west Nepal. Learn more about the trip and apply here: