An Update from Our Peru Team!

We are excited and thankful to be here safe with all our luggage & equipment for camp. Today we met with Dan & Ruthie, the local missionaries, and saw a glimpse of their ministry here and their love for their community here. We had our first meal here in Peru after getting checked into the hotel: chicken & french fries. The local flavor was wonderful to food that we often eat at home.


The highlight of our day was going with the missionaries out to the jungle to Tres Islas to worship & encourage the people that live out there. It was amazing to worship the Lord together with them. Even though we don’t speak the same language, we all love & serve the same awesome and loving God. They sang songs for us in their native language, shared with us how the Lord is working in their lives and in their community, and shared struggles they are facing and how we can pray for them. We individually shared with them how God is working in our lives, verses that speak to us and encouragement.

We gathered around and prayed for all of them, and we specifically prayed for a woman who has been very ill & struggling, a 15 year old boy who is searching for meaning in his life and a woman who recommitted her life to Christ tonight. We also got to see their handmade crafts, jewelry & purses and bless them buy purchasing beautiful items they have worked so hard to make.

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Paul shares that he was so humbled by the church service they went to. It was very cool to see them worship and just realize how wonderful it is to live in a country where we can hear about Jesus at our beck and call. They have one Bible and the pastor is one of the brothers with very little training. He was writing down everything we said so he could teach it later. He doesn’t have commentaries, apps, seminary, etc. like we do. Very humbling.

We are excited about our first day of camp Monday!

Prayer points:

  • We are grateful for safe travel for the team and for safe arrival of all luggage.
  • Please remember the team for good rest tonight. The high was 87 today, so relaxing in the hotel room with the a/c blowing was a great finish to the day.
  • Pray for the first camp tomorrow, that connections with the kids will be quick and meaningful.
  • Pray for the people there. They are so ready and eager to hear God’s word. The missionaries said their hearts have a burden for their families to come to know God. It is easy for us to overlook that in our culture and society.


Puerto Maldanado, Peru is in desperate need of learning about the love and sacrifice of Christ and how that translates into a real and genuine relationship with the Lord. We are partnering with missionaries that operate Safe Haven Youth Center that reaches out to the kids and families there. We are hosting a free basketball camp for kids, and we are excited to share about Christ through teaching them about their purpose, plan, part & place in God’s kingdom.