A New Resource for Parents!


I’m Beth Norvell, the Children’s Director at the Vista.  We share a couple of loves, you and I, our children and our Heavenly Father.  These loves are our common ground and the springboard for this blog.  Here, in a small way, the Vista wants to try to close the gap between home and church, (should there be much of a difference?).

We want you to know a little bit about the teachers that are investing in your kiddos, share resources, and hear from parents at the Vista who are seeking to build truth and love in their home.  There is just never enough time in the flurry of Sunday mornings to get to know all of you.  I have, however, fallen utterly head over heels for your children!  Thank you for the honor of serving them on Sunday mornings.  We hope this blog is a fun resource and an encouragement.