What you do matters.

“Why won’t my kids listen when I teach? They just want to go play.”

“Does what I am teaching even stick? Do they really get it?”

I hear both of these questions on a fairly regular basis. And both are valid. When you are leading in a room that seems like it’s falling apart, it can be hard to see when a child is listening and when they really just want their mom back!

Well, a few weeks ago, I got this email from a parent:

I’ve served in many capacities at our past churches working with kids ministries and the story is always the same: so many kids, not enough volunteers and the ones we have get burnt out quickly.

Please make sure your volunteers KNOW what they are doing IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

My son, who just turned two, absolutely LOVES church and asks to go every day on the way to his “school” (daycare). He’s been singing “Jesus loves me” for a few weeks now, he’s started praying every night and at the end of each prayer says, “I love you Jesus, I love you God, sweet dreams, amen.”

We talk about God often, but seeing how he’s being taught about God and His love by others inspires us to follow up with the lessons at home and make his weekly lesson a week long focus. Just this weekend he’s been telling me “I need Jesus” which I remembered reading on the flyer we got a couple of weeks ago as that was the “bottom line.” I KNOW he’s learning to love The Lord and knowing that the people who serve in your children’s ministry love and serve so selflessly means more than words can say.

We came to The Vista for a breather and to be fed for a while, as we had been serving for a long time but not given a place to be fed ourselves. Having a two year old and an 8 month old, we needed to have some time to be nurtured and receive so that we can learn how God is molding us as parents. The Vista has been a great place for that breath of fresh air. We are sad we won’t be with The Vista long term (we are a military family) but we will call The Vista home until we must move.

Thank you, for all the love you pour out on our children. It DOES NOT go unnoticed. [The leaders] are in the trenches and need to know they are valued by us. We love them for loving our babies and we thank them for helping us teach them about Gods love.

What you do matters.

Its hard in the moment to see how you are ministering to a screaming three-year-old that won’t stop knocking over his neighbors’ block tower, but know that you are serving so much more than the just the kids in your classroom. You are serving the whole family. You are providing a place for parents to be spiritually fed. You are giving them a way to have conversations about their faith with their kids at home.

Parents can’t do it alone.

That’s why we partner with parents. That’s why we have consistent leaders that invest in the lives of kids and families every week. That’s why we give parents resources and programs that encourage faith conversations and community at home. That’s why we do ministry the way that we do. Because it matters.

To our leaders, thank you for serving not only our kids, but their families. You DO NOT go unnoticed. You are changing the world by teaching the next generation about God’s love.


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