Why We Sing

At Vista, we sing—a lot. And we sing together. At times we praise with overwhelming joy. Looking right or left, you might see an uncontrollable smile or a tight-lipped grin. At other times, we lament in sorrow. Loss, tragedy, shortcomings… all those gritty parts of life well up within us like a tear. But sometimes, if we’re honest with ourselves, we sing, and we feel… nothing.

We live in seasons. We live in seasons of joy, sadness, and numbness. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that it’s important to sing no matter the season. Singing is about more than an individual—it’s about Jesus, and it’s about others discovering Jesus. It’s about REMEMBERING. And we help others remember by reminding them. And we do that best by singing.

As worship pastor, I have an awesome view. Every Sunday, I look out at everybody singing and see lots of reminders taking place. I see the family with a newborn, standing right in the middle as hundreds of people sing, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow” around them. I watch them listen, I watch them sing, and I watch them believe it.

I also see the family in poverty. After two years of incarceration and homelessness, they finally have a place of their own. I see them surrounded by a community that cares about them, that values them, that believes in them. I see them surrounded by people singing, “All the poor and powerless, and all the lost and lonely, all who hurt with nothing left, will know that you are holy.” I hear them sing it, and I see them believe it.

So singing is about you, but it’s always about much more than you too. It’s about US.

And of course, it’s about Jesus.

Your voice reminds others that they are loved, that God is good, and that all will eventually be well. So, remind others. Sing to Jesus.


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